Just chillin’ in Buenos Aires

Hi All

It was a long (almost 11 hour) overnight  flight from Dallas TX to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The trip left us sleepy, in need of a shower, and feeling like pretzals from our cramped economy class seats. But after a nap and shower at the Youth Hostel and a hike around town to find things for our picnic lunch on the ferry tomorrow, we are looking forward to the crossing to Colonia then the bus to Montevideo in time for the dinner gathering tomorrow night.

We are taking the slow boat because they say you can go out on deck and see the birds and other interesting things on the crossing.  It seems strange to go from the flowers of late spring to the golden hues of late autumn, but it is nice.

A small adventure on arrival today.  All of the transportation workers’ unions were demonstrating and most of the center of Buenos Aires was blocked by retired school buses filled with workers waving the flags of their branches of the union.  It was like a fiesta with folks in a party mood. Our shuttle driver took us through neighborhoods near the toll road to avoid the blockages.  Very interesting.

We are really looking forward to meeting so many of you tomorrow and in the next few days!  See you tomorrow….

Caryl (Carolina)


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